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The value of GBS prepaid phone cards

Here are other advantages of GBS' prepaid phone cards:

  • Competitive Rates. You get discounted calling rates without signing up for confusing long distance programs.
  • Savings. There are no hotel or motel surcharges charges when you use the 800 number for your calls.
  • Budget Tool. Prepaid phone cards help you budget your long-distance calls so there is no month-end surprise.
  • Limits Fraud. If someone steals and/or uses your card, you'll only be out the face value of the card (usually $10 or $20) instead of hundreds or even thousands of dollars!
  • Convenience. Gardner prepaid phone cards are as easy to use as cash, but more convenient than a handful of heavy coins.
  • Simple as 1, 2, 3! Just 1) call the toll-free number, 2) enter your PIN, and 3) make as many long distance calls as you want. The automated attendant tells you how much remaining time you have on your card.
  • Accessibility. Our phone card service is easily accessed from virtually any touch-tone private telephone in the U.S.
  • Predictability. Now you can avoid the uncertainty of long-distance charges from pay phones and those old fashioned pay-me-later calling cards.
  • No Credit Required. Forget about the credit applications required by other calling cards. Our cards are available now and ready for immediate use.

Who uses prepaid phone cards? 

  • Vacationers, like those who visit the Colorado ski resorts and mountain getaways. During ski season, phone card use is at its peak as travelers cash in on big savings for calls to home and the office. 
  • Seasonal or temporary residents, including students, construction workers on an out-of-town project, resort employees, long-term vacationers, consultants, and many others.  
  • Home renters or condominium timesharers often find that long distance service is blocked or expensive. But GBS products can be used anywhere you can find a touch-tone phone. 
  • Purchases by construction workers roughly doubled during 1998 when a gas pipeline was being installed on the Western Slope.
  • Not long ago, firefighters who came to fight the Colorado range fires, used them to talk to their families from surrounding states.
  • Apartment renters and young families often use them to avoid expensive deposits and start-up charges for regular long distance service from a phone company. Start-up fees can be as high as $250 and the cost per minute is comparable to the rates you will get with our products. 
  • About 60% of the European population and about the same percentage in industrialized Asian countries use them for their convenience and universal acceptance. 

There are numerous uses for callingcards, but the big winners are the business customers who can purchase them in quantity. You can get long distance service for pennies per minute from anywhere in the country. 


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