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Some Kind Words

The following compliments and expressions of thanks are quoted from customer e-mails.

Overall Service

Dear GBS,

I found your site in a search maybe 2 years ago when I first moved from Pennsylvania to Texas and needed inexpensive phone minutes. Man, what a find.

Your site is one of the best things I've found on the net. The pages are clean, crisp. They load quickly even with a dial up connection. The site is very nicely laid out. Excellent links. It's extremely informative and amusing (and user-friendly!) the products you offer are great, I haven't seen a better deal yet and I've looked. And the customer service (with which I've had contact several times) is top-notch. Now you offer this personal order page direct link and the buyers club. You just keep getting better.

THANKS. It's refreshing to, for once, "get what you paid for."

—Nancy C.


Educating Customers

Thank you for a great website!  Very informative...  You really do help educate the consumer - BRAVO!  So many companies out there today have as their primary focus to deceive and mislead. Congratulations!

—Sean M.

I really liked the buying tips that you provided on your web site.  I had not previously purchased a prepaid phone card (I've always had toll free number access).  Because of the information provided, I plan on purchasing my cards from your web site.  I believe that it's these type of customer service efforts that sets the standards that others should follow.  I will be sure to recommend your site to others.

—Dana D.

First off, let me say how wonderfully informative your web site is.  You are the ONLY ones I will buy a card from. 

—Paul M.


Customer Service

I have been using GBS since August of 2000, and have been pleased to see its growth to a competent, quick, convenient, trustworthy site that, in my opinion, is the best retailer of pre-paid phone cards on the internet. Not only is it reliable, but it carries cards that rarely have busy signals, something that's hard to find in the industry these days for a fair price. I see that GBS is not out to merely run a business, but actually practices true customer concern. This is why I use only GBS. Please, for the sake of those who rely on pre-paid phone cards to keep in contact with loved ones, continue the good work. I don't know what I would do with out GBS!



I appreciate your reply, there aren't ANY phone-card companies that i know of where the owner can be emailed directly and will actually reply w/a personal response... thanks again!

—Seth M.


Dear Mr. Gardner,

Thank you for the quick reply and the full explanation. As with your web site information on the cards themselves, this straightforwardness and "laying bare" of the telecom system is an impressive way to do business. I appreciate your follow up and will keep my card business headed your way.

—Gary H.

Wow! That is what you call fast ordering!  I am more than impressed. Thank you.

—Peter G.

For a college student who really needed prepaid phone cards that wouldn't rip me off, GBS really came through. I appreciate your concern about credit card fraud, and the fact that you make the best effort to satisfy your customer. 

For once, an honest business.


—Kim R.

Hi Art...  Thanks a lot for the clear explanation...  I really appreciate it!


Hi Art,

Keep up the good work. I hope you guys stay in business so people like me can buy good cards from you. Thank you.

—Saira R.

Thanks Art for taking time to talk with me.  Also thank you for your
prompt response.

Wayne F.

Thanks for your follow through and professionalism. I like the way you do business.

—Mike T.


I want to complement how you run your business. The service is outstanding and fast. Also your ordering process is simple and easy to use.

—Michael V.

Thanks for being pro-active. 

—Dan F.


Thank You for your prompt service! We look forward to doing some business with you this summer.

—Jerry B., business owner 

Thank you so much for your excellent service.  I call overseas frequently and your cards are an excellent value (especially your LINQ Neon Card, saves me tons).  Your customer service is great. I was very impressed with your secure transactions procedure.  I feel secure in ordering from you online.  I will continue to purchase my cards through your company.

—Ms. Ruiz


Thank you so much... My friends will hear about your company and great service. Thanks again.

—C. C.

Thanks again, I guess one of the reasons I like doing business with you is that you reply so promptly.

—Joani B.

Thank you for your extra efforts in protecting us out here on the web.

—Jessica Y.

I've been very happy with your service thus far and will continue using your cards when needed.

—Sam G.


It's great doing business with you!

—Joan M.

You have excellent service!

—Carolann C.

Thank you for your service!

—Larisa H.


Thanks for the prompt and gracious reply.

—Paul S.

Thank you so much for your courteous and thorough reply.

—David B.

Great services and fast communication. Thank you so much for all you do.

—Jessica Y.

Art Gardner,

I appreciate the verification process you are going through to assure your client against fraudulent transactions.

—Agustin P.

Thanks for the follow up call and e-mail... I appreciate the security measures.

—Adam E.


Our Products


I recently purchased 75 Nickel Cards for party favors for a friend of mine who was moving away to London.  They were a big hit!... Thanks, you were a great help. 

—David H.

I have been using your cards for a while now, and I think they're the best that I've found thus far... Thank you very much.

—Larisa H.

Just wanted to let you know that the phone cards are a very good value and I will be using them often.  Thanks.

—Lorrie K.

I've bought three 20$ cards from you and I love them.

—Christine B.

I am a college student who attends an out-of-state university. I think it's great that you offer these services at an affordable price. It is so easy for me to order my phone cards online and know that I am getting my money's worth. 

—Renee H.

I am impressed with the phone cards.

—Barbara S.


Our Website

Greetings!!! For the last few weeks I have been looking at prepaid phone cards and finally I found your site which impressed me a lot. In many ways I rate you as the best.

—Ruben N.

Very informative website with great services.

—Marc Z.

Concerning your website, I find it very easy to navigate and informative. It definitely gives the impression that you are trying to provide a good service and that you are prepared to listen to your customers.

—Ian W.

Looked at you web site tonight.  Wow what a professional looking site you have.

—Kayce H.

Art!  You have a wonderful site!... I [don't] have any problems and [have] found EVERYTHING easy and accessible.

—Sherman S.

Dear Mr. Gardner,

I am very impressed with your web site.

—Sylvester M.



The free phone card facility is excellent.

—Raja S.

Thanks Art. I really appreciate the help. I will spread the word about your product. Thanks again.

—Barry P.

Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity of the free phone card. I found Pay Pal easy to set up and less confusing than some other companies I've tried. Look forward to doing business with you!

—Brad S.

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