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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Prepaid Phone Cards

  1. How do I use prepaid phone cards?

  1. It's very easy. Here are instructions..

  1. Do I pay taxes when using prepaid phone cards?

  1. No, technically the phone company does. However, some prepaid phone cards have a communication fee that acts like a tax. Click here for details.

  1. Can I use prepaid phone cards for all my long distance calling?

  1. Absolutely.  In fact some of our customers have completely dropped their long distance service.

  1. Do your prepaid phone cards work from Canada, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands?

  1. They will work from these and perhaps other locations if their 800-number connects from those locations. You will need to test the 800 numbers before you buy, which we can provide to you if you contact us. If you're not yet in the country, then perhaps you can have a friend, relative, etc. to test the numbers for you.  

    Any calls successfully made from foreign countries will likely be charged higher calling rates.

  1. Will calls made with your prepaid phone cards show up on any of my other bills, such as my long distance bill?

  1. Never.

  1. Will your products expire if I don't use them in the next number of months?

  1. Almost all our products expire six months months after first use rather than after purchase. 

  1. What should I know about calling a cellular or PCS number?

  1. You can call PCS/cellular numbers, but calls to international cellular numbers may be charged a higher rate. 


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